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Loafer's Glory updated

2017-10-27 by Alan

I added lots of updates to the Loafer's Glory Blog today.

RIP Tom Petty

2017-10-02 by Alan

Our President

2017-09-30 by Alan, tagged as trump presidency

I honestly believe that the President of the United States is insane.

As a long-time first responder (25 years in volunteer fire service and 12 years with the American Red Cross), I can not believe the hatred that is being spewed by the President at the people of Puerto Rico.

I'm ashamed. At this moment, I'm ashamed of our President.

I'd like to think that there will be some sort of protest at the White House today, but it won't matter, because President Trump is away at one of his country clubs playing golf.

This article sums it up.